Annual ANZAC Day Reflection – 2009

Significance of Anzac Day

It was at Gallipoli that the spirit of the Australian soldier passed, as if by magic, from heart to heart in such a way that every Australian, every New Zealander, for all time, becomes an Anzac (McCarthy, 1965). Those young men that fought and died so that we would never have to go to war again, so that Australia would be a great place, so that it would always be a home for all her sons and heirs, whatever their political and religious convictions might be (McCarthy, 1965).

Forty years on the words of Lawrence McCarthy are as vivid as they were then. Most Australians still recognise ANZAC Day, 25th April, as the most important day of the year because of the spirit of the ANZAC. The ANZAC spirit is represented by four main characteristics. These are: a sense of purpose and direction; responsibility; and compassion. We can emulate the ANZAC spirit in our everyday life, which would help us to contribute to our nation.

The original ANZACs had a strong sense of purpose and direction. They knew of the dangers and the difficulties. However, they did not let difficulties stop them. We can apply this spirit to our own everyday life. We know what work we have to do at home, school, or work. No matter what difficulties we think are in the way, we need to think of others who have pushed through such difficulties. This will help us to be great achievers.

The ANZAC spirit also means accepting responsibility. This is another quality we should apply to our everyday lives. We need to take responsibility for everything we do.

The ANZAC spirit also includes a sense of compassion. This means that we need to watch out for our mate, help him or her at all times. It means that we don’t poke fun at other people because they have had some misfortune, or come from a different part of the world.

By keeping the faith with those who put the word ANZAC into our language, we will be helping to make sure that the ANZAC spirit lives on through our lives.


About tonykennedy

I live in Canberra and am interested in keeping people informed about events important in Australia.
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