Changing scenes in rural Australia

country churchThe quintessential components of an Australian rural town were once the local parish church, the general store and the pub. Sadly all of these are disappearing from the rural landscape as Australia is in the grips of globalism, or what some like to call marketism. The general store is closing down to be combined with general stores of several other towns in the way of a large supermarket. The pub that used to serve the locally brewed amber drop may now only be a bottle shop owned by the same conglomerate that owns what used to be the general store, and if it does serve that precious amber fluid then it is brewed by another multinational corporation. So, the only remnant of typical rural life that remains is the church. However, some may say that even the church has adopted the mentality of big business. At least it appears that some dioceses have implemented the beliefs of globalism, may I refer you to what used to be a working class suburb in the southern precincts of Melbourne and the way the archdiocese has imposed monetary constraints on this particular parish. Churches were built by the people so that they could meet together and worship. As such they should remain as possessions of the people. The clergy are there only to facilitate this worship and to assist in the development of a culturally rich society. Churches in rural towns need to be kept in the hands of the people so that the local community has a place to meet and socialise together. Should it be decided by the local community that they wish to sell the church then the funds should go towards building some other complex that will benefit that community, not someone in a capital city or in a far flung land.


About tonykennedy

I live in Canberra and am interested in keeping people informed about events important in Australia.
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